Custom Mouthguards

Mouthguards are an essential item for any person playing sport as it can save your teeth from damage. Dental injuries can be very painful, disfiguring and expensive to treat. Save yourself the trouble by getting a custom mouthguard by Michael Hearsch which is:

  • custom fitted to your teeth,
  • comes in unlimited combination of colours
  • made in-house by our team based off your dental impression,
  • comfortable to wear,
  • allow you to speak whilst wearing it,
  • reduces your risk of dental injury after an impact

Not All Mouthguards Are Created Equal

Comparing our custom mouthguards with boil & bite type mouthguards reveals significant differences. Our custom made mouthguards fit exactly onto your teeth, do not move and allow to breath freely and after a short time of adaptation to speak normally. Boil & Bite mouthguards do not fit as accurately as custom fitted mouth guards and move. You have to hold the mouthguard onto your teeth, which can prevent you from performing at your best.

At the first International Symposium on dental Biomaterials (1993) Dr.J.Park reported that Boil & Bite mouthguards provide a false sense of protection due to dramatic decrease in thickness of the mouthguard as when you bite into it during its softened state.

Our custom mouthguards are micron accurate as we take a mould of your teeth and make the mouthguard directly for you. It can provide over 10 times more protection then a Boil & Bite mouthguard. Because if the movements Boil & Bite mouthguards are exposed to a much higher mastication load.

Your Mouthguard Type

Heavy Pro

3 layers, with hard layer, for;Ice Hockey Field Hockey Squash Polo Rollerblading Kickboxing Karate Rugby Sports were extremely hard and point ed impacts may be recevied by the jaw

Light Pro

3 layers,in case of cramped oral situation ( for ex.child), for: Ice Hockey Field Hockey Squash Polo Roller Blading Kickboxing Karate Rugby Sports where extremely hard and point ed impacts may be received by the jaw


2 layers, for: Boxing Biking Basket ball Football Judo Wrestling Riding Handball Waterpolo Motocross Sports objects with a large surface are may be received by the jaw.


2, Layers, for junior sports people The light guard also protects the opposing teeth against each other, ie for helmet sports, motor sports with full helmet etc.

Avoid dental sporting injuries by wearing a custom mouth guard. To organise your mouthguard, call us on (07) 3359 8377 or email us.

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