Frequently Asked Questions

This information is intended to help you to understand the concept, process and benefits of an immediate Denture. It will explain what Immediate Dentures are, how they are made and what is involved. Remember that dentures are a replacement for NO TEETH, NOT a replacement for teeth.

What is Immediate Denture?

Let’s explain when an immediate denture is by using an example, suppose, for instance, that you have eight (8) remaining upper teeth. These teeth are, unfortunately, poor and cannot be used in any way to support a new denture. If you were to have a traditional denture made, it would be necessary to have all of these teeth extracted first, the bone and gums would have to heal and then a denture could be made.

The process could take several months if not longer and for that time period you would have to go around without any teeth. As an alternative to having you go around toothless while the gums heal, we utilize an Immediate Denture technique.

How is it done?

This involves taking impressions of your mouth while your teeth are still present. Models of your mouth are then produced. Your DP can then do simulated extractions on the models and place the denture teeth as close as you require to your natural setting and correct many things about tooth position that you may not be happy with at present.

When your teeth are extracted, your new denture is ready to be inserted by your dentist. In this way you never have to walk around without teeth.

What will it look like?

Since your DP is usable to try in the wax replica denture prior to extracting your teeth, certain esthetic compromises may have to be made. This should not present any significant problem however and your esthetic result should be more than satisfactory. Discuss any concerns you may have about appearance with Us.