About Us

About Michael Hearsch Dental Services

At Michael Hearsch Dental Services, we ensure and provide you a healthy smile that will serve two purposes. One is our denture expertise in treating all your denture problems and secondly, your smartness in choosing us as your denture care partner.

Moving towards providing our clients with our service excellence through continuous improvement is our long cherished and protected value which has been consistently delivered through,

  • State-of-the-art aesthetics and treatment procedures
  • Treatment by renowned dental practitioner Michael Hearsch with over 34 years of experience
  • Implementing international standards in all treatments including the usage of latest technology
  • Excellent service facility
  • Personalised treatment plans
  • Quality treatment at reasonable cost

We Listen: ‘A Winning team –You and your Michael Hearsch Dental Service’ ‘you talk we listen and together we give you what you want’

You should always ensure that your Denture Prosthetist of your choice is a member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association, ADPA. Members have all agreed to comply to Code of practice that specifies your DP’s obligations as well as your rights as a patient, so you have an avenue available to you should any problems. Dental Prosthesis’s are not a new profession. The first DP’s were qualified and registered in Tasmania in 1957. All other Australian states have progressively introduced DP legislation over time.